What? Can't you read?
It said DON'T press this button.
Do you know what that button even does? No, I didn't think so. For your information that button turns off all the lights in my house. I probably just smashed my shin against a coffee table or tripped while carrying something fragile to another room and the item broke when I landed on it. I most likely broke a bone or two and now I'll have to go to the hospital to have a cast or three put on. Thanks a lot!
Why do I even try to provide quality entertainment. People like you just screw it up because you can't even follow directions. How on earth did you even get to my page in the first place? Did your mommy help you find it? Are you sure you can even be on the computer? Uh-oh, I believe it's time for your nap. You'd better get some rest, you have a big day of screwing up directions ahead of you. I'd hate to be the cause of you not doing something else improperly because you were not rested. Perhaps you could play with some matches or even better yet run with scissors pointed up.
Now let's see if you can follow directions.
Don't press this button again.